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Title Inadvertently overlooked...
Posted by AURA COSMETICS (ip:
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  • Date 2023-06-19 13:53:08
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Inadvertently overlooked habits in life can lead to hair loss. 

Inadvertently overlooked habits in life can lead to hair loss.

Let's find out what habits are causing my hair to fall out one by one.

What lifestyle habits are dangerous for my hair and scalp?



    Everyone lives with stress   



Everyone lives with stress.

They say a lot of stress increases the cortisol hormone, constricts capillaries, prevents hair follicles from being supplied with nutrients, 

prevents new hair from growing, and causes blood circulation disorders to cause hair loss.

There is no way to avoid stress in life.

However, remember that you can protect your precious hair only if you manage your stress regularly.

Not to mention drinking and smoking are the worst for scalp health.




Smoking creates active oxygen and constricts blood vessels, which causes hair loss because blood is not supplied 

to the hair follicles, and drinking makes it difficult to supply normal nutrients to the scalp and hair 

because it drives heat inside the body upward and interferes with smooth blood circulation.

In addition, greasy food eaten as a snack could promote hair loss by accumulating fat on the scalp.



High-calorie foods such as pork belly and chicken cause cholesterol to build up in blood vessels 

and increase active oxygen to consume it as energy.

Active oxygen damages cells, combines with cholesterol, and turns into lipid peroxide, which is fatal to the skin, 

narrows blood vessels, and clogs pores, causing hair loss.

Late night snacking and binge eating are also the main culprits in creating active oxygen, so be careful.


    Incorrect hair care is also dangerous    




Incorrect hair care is also dangerous

If you do not wash your hair properly, there is a risk of hair loss.

When you pour shampoo into your hand and rub it directly onto your scalp without lathering it, 

you should be careful because the scalp will become irritated and sensitive, 

and you should also be careful of the habit of scratching with your fingernails after lathering.



Drying with hot wind when drying hair also increases the temperature of the scalp, 

stimulates the hair follicles, and breaks the oil-moisture balance, causing hair loss.

Let's dry with cold wind rather than hot wind.

On the other hand, some people do not dry their hair at all because they are afraid 

that using a dryer will affect their scalp, but this also causes hair loss.




If the scalp is damp, it can smell from the top of the head or become an environment favored by bacteria, 

which can lead to seborrheic scalpitis, so you must dry it thoroughly.

Keeping the parted hair on one side for a long time can also cause hair loss.



The scalp in the parted part could be exposed to UV rays for a long time and weakens, 

it causes hair loss, so it is good to change the direction of the hair parting frequently.

Hair loss caused by wrong lifestyle can be improved with effort.

If you improve your lifestyle, wouldn't it be possible to improve hair loss?

I hope that those who shed tears over falling hair today can overcome hair loss with these small tips.



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