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Title Let's find out how to...
Posted by AURA COSMETICS (ip:
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  • Date 2023-06-19 14:03:33
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Let's find out how to do simple home care at home.

In the past, hair loss concerns were for middle-aged men, but the times have changed these days.

Due to greasy food and not healthy lifestyle, men and women of all ages are worried about hair loss.

As hair thins and more hair falls out, the heart of the owner of the hair becomes bitter.

However, it is not possible to receive expensive care every time.

Let's find out how to do simple home care at home.

    The most important thing is cleanliness.    

The basic practice for managing hair loss is to clean the scalp and hair.

No matter how diligently you manage it, if it is not clean, dead skin cells and inflammation will form on the scalp, 

clog pores and cause hair loss.

When washing your hair, it is important to wet your scalp with plenty of water.

This is because it is difficult to properly remove dead skin cells or dandruff before shampooing 

by simply pouring water on and shampooing.

For the same reason, it is good to wait about 3 minutes after lathering with shampoo.

When you wash your hair, you should massage it gently with your fingertips.

Scratching with your fingernails can damage your scalp and lead to bacterial infections.

There are a few things to be more careful about when applying treatment after rinsing off the shampoo.

Treatments(Hair Conditioner) containing silicone block the pores of the scalp and cause hair loss, 

so it is better to use a silicone-free product, and even though the product contains silicone, 

it is better to apply it carefully only on the hair, not to apply on the scalp.

Less rinsing of the treatment to soften the hair is not recommended, because this causes irritation to the skin on which 

the hair comes in contact, so be sure to rinse thoroughly.

It is also important to dry your hair well after washing it.

If you dry it naturally, it can also cause hair loss, so you should dry it well with a hair dryer.

If you don't dry your hair completely, the scalp environment is humid, which is the worst for scalp health 

because it is good for bacteria to breed.

When drying your hair, it is good to dry it with cold wind so that the scalp does not heat up.

Finally, it is better to wash your hair in the evening than in the morning.

When you come home after a day's work, your skin is covered with all kinds of waste, but if the 

waste is clogging your pores during bedtime, it can't be good for your scalp health.

The scalp also needs to create a clean environment so that it can rest during the night.

Don't forget that your scalp is also your skin.

Most people apply various packs and cosmetics to their faces and exfoliate them, 

but they do nothing to their scalp.

Just like your face, your scalp needs delicate care.

First of all, it is good to steadily exfoliate with a scaling product on the market.

No matter how meticulously you shampoo, there are still dead skin cells, so you need to regularly exfoliate 

your scalp to remove impurities that are clogging your scalp pores.

It is also a good way to supply nutrients by using products such as functional tonics or hair packs 

that can be applied to the scalp.

Just as your skin is healthy, so is your scalp.

It is important to supply moisture and nutrients to the scalp to create an environment in which hair can grow healthy.

Also you need to be careful of UV rays that are deadly to your skin.

It is difficult to apply sunscreen directly to the scalp, so it is good to protect your hair with a hat or parasol on days 

when the sun is strong.

It is said that hats are not good for hair loss, but it is not a problem if you take off 

the hat once in a while to ventilate it so that the scalp does not get hot.


If you stimulate the scalp, it not only discharges the wastes accumulated in the pores, 

but also has the effect of facilitating the supply of hair nutrients.

When waste products are discharged, hair loss and scalp troubles are prevented, 

so it is good not to forget to do it often.


The simplest way is to gently press the head with your fingertips and apply acupressure.

No tools are required, so you can do it anywhere.

These days, various products such as massagers and massage brushes have been released, 

and it is good to choose one of them and apply it consistently.

A normal, plain brush is fine, so let's start with something.


    Hair loss management lies in cleanliness and consistency    

The era of hair loss.

If you manage it without giving up, the day will come when your hair will become thicker someday.

Let's all do our best until that day comes.


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